Winter sale

Poster series Winter sale is designed in a way similar to what we are used to in our day to day shopping advertisements. All shops alike seem to compete which one can “give” bigger discounts to their loyal customers in the pre-Christmas era. In this way posters, Winter sale are similar. It attracts a passerby with it’s big discount. When searching for information which shop gives such a great sale opportunity one is confronted with the irony and the real message of the poster which advertises a great sale on the material things one already has (trousers, t-shirts & shoes you already have). In this sense Winter sale posters are a mirror to the society which has started to value, above else, the material possessions of an individual.

As said it is designed for the winter Christmas shopping spree period to fit in with all the advertising in this time of the year. The poster series Winter sale has shortlisted among the best twenty posters done for the design competition by Plaktivat on the theme on consumption alternatives.

Designed in collaboration with Mark Prelec.


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